Concrete protection detergents



Preservative that protects against aggressive dirt, such as exhaust gas sediment, clay soil, oil stains, food besmears. Surface impregnated with IMPREGNAT PEBEK is resistant to weather factors, and does not absorb water or oil. This product does not change the color or texture of concrete. It is recommended to impregnate concrete pavements, concrete slabs and paving stones. It can be used for all types of refined surface. Easy application – you just simply put a thin layer of the product by means of a spray, brush or roller on the surface and satisfying effects are visible within few seconds.

LAKIER PEBEK Kolor (color varnish)


LAKIER PEBEK Kolor is a protective and varnishing agent that creates a layer of coat on concrete surfaces. The product, while applied on a color surface, brightens, deepens and sharpens colors. The surface is visibly polished. It protects against water, oil and other soils. It allows concrete to “breathe”, does not turn yellow and is UV resistant.

PEBEK Zabrudzenia (soiling)

Professional agent intended for effective removal of calcium efflorescence, which may occur as white stains and spots on a surface, most often present on concrete paving stones, clinker bricks, modular concrete fences, concrete cladding panels etc. It is recommended for cleaning concrete surface before impregnating or painting thereof. This agent effectively cleans construction machines and equipment out of all mortar and glue concrete or lime remnants.

Simply apply PEBEK EFFLORESCENCE CLEANER on the surface with a brush, wait around 5 minutes and white stains will disappear.