For architects


Mirosław Łukasik

Key Account Manager

mob. +48 512 494 170

Creating beauty by using modern and stylish material such as concrete is an aim that we are trying to reach together with you. While trying to meet the expectations of investors who create public space as well as private investors, we constantly strive to highlight and emphasize superb quality of concrete.

Our purpose is production of materials in accordance with your vision. We are offering a wide range of products, which can be used in any designed space.

Our policy provides for cooperation with designing offices from the moment of selecting materials until the execution of the investment.

Products from PEBEK catalogue

We advise regarding selection of relevant surface materials and small architecture elements, taking advantage of such tools as free of charge project design or priceless knowledge of our experienced representatives.

Tailor-made products

We offer support while designing non-standard concrete components. At this stage of work, we advise how to successfully and permanently design and optimize non-standard production.