Non – standard facades


Concrete nowadays is a material that offers exceptional construction and design opportunities, not only with respect to variety of shapes and sizes but also colors, textures and surface preservation.

Pebek Sp. z.o.o. as a producer of prefabricated concrete for many years has been changing traditional ways of thinking about concrete. Non-standard façades are a real challenge because making them means production of big and thin slabs made of concrete, which undergo multiple-stage treatment. And all that happens preserving traditional features of concrete, which remains safe, frost and fire-resistant, and its appearance remains eye-catching for many years.

Wide range of shapes requires elaborating a specific receipt for every individual order, which will satisfy every customer with respect to his or her aesthetic and quality expectations. The identical and meeting expectations of an architect appearance of many different elements is of a key importance, and parameters of concrete must comply with all presumed figures, while concrete itself must guarantee accuracy of a production process.

Moreover, before the process of production begins, our laboratory performs all required tests necessary to accomplish presumed technical parameters of produced items. We also supervise work on every stage of construction works.

During the execution of a production order we ensure appropriate agenda of a production process, and we organize safe chain of deliveries and relevant logistics, which guarantee timely completion of orders, as well as fulfillment of even large-scale projects in a short time.

Our last implementations, their scale and quality of make, enable us to say that Pebek New Face of Concrete is a leader regarding standard façades, but most of all large and non-standard façades.