Free of Charge Project Design


Making prepayment and sending a bank transfer confirmation to our email address: is the condition to take advantage of our offer. The amount paid shall be deducted from the price of purchased materials.
An ordering party shall deliver up-to-date and dimensioned Land Use Planning of the area in accordance with Zał. 1 (Appendix no 1)
If a package Projekt Plus and Projekt Premium are concerned, a Pebek Sp. z o.o. designer shall meet with Ordering Party upon agreed date on their plot of land to discuss details of the investment.
Each package includes two variants of space planning along with basic dimensions and description of Pebek Sp. z o.o. materials, usually in the scale 1:100 or 1:200
Having received two offers prepared by a Pebek Sp. z o.o. designer, Ordering Party, by means of electronic communication, shall send information about their choice along with potential comments within 7 days. Depending on the package, Ordering Party may introduce one or two amendments to the received project design.
Having received possible amendments a Pebek Sp. z o.o. designer submits to Ordering Party complete dimensioned project design along with list of Pebek Sp. z o.o. materials in an electronic format, usually in the scale 1:100 or 1:200.
In order to recover the prepayment, Ordering Party must purchase materials in accordance with the delivered material specification within 3 months from the date on which the project design was made. This period may be prolonged in exceptional cases. In the event of cancellation of the planned purchase order of Pebek Sp. z o. o. products, the received prepayment shall be deemed to be remuneration for making the project design and is not subject to return.
The project design that shall be delivered to Ordering Party is not an architectural and construction documentation, but only a general concept of paving stones layout. Therefore, the list of materials is only an approximate calculation and may change.
The project design is a property of Pebek Sp. z o. o. and constitutes an integral part of the order of the company’s products.
Pebek Sp. z o.o. reserves the right to make photo documentation of the completed project, also with respect to advertising and promotional aims, on which Ordering Party grants their consent. Taking and using photos by Pebek Sp. z o. o. shall not constitute grounds for additional payment for the benefit of Ordering Party.
Making the prepayment is deemed to be confirmation of acquiring oneself with the terms and conditions of the offer Free of Charge Project Design.


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Kontakt z Projektantem Pebek telefonicznie lub mailowo

Cena: 500 zł (netto)
Opcja Dojazdu Projektanta
Cena: 2zł/km
120-20021NIEok 14 dniW każdym pakiecie istnieje możliwość zaprojektowania zieleni. Indywidualna wycen po kontakcie z ProjektantemPebek oferuje państwu projekt w wersji 3d. Indywidualna wycena po kontakcie z Projektantem
Projekt plus

Niestandardowa usługa projektowa, w której Projektant Pebek umówi się na wizytę w terenie. Efektem będzie możliwość uczestnictwa Zleceniodawcy w każdym etapie projektowania.

Cena: 750 zł (netto)
201-40021TAKok 21 dni
Projekt premium

Wizyta Projektanta Pebek na przyszłej inwestycji. Profesjonalne wykonanie koncepcji projektowej dla takiego obszaru to konieczność wielu konsultacji z Projektantem oraz domówienie detali.

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