For the love of concrete

Pebek sp. z o.o. is a team of creative professionals looking at the innovative design of the space we use every day and in our surroundings. They are people for whom creating an environment, with the important role of the surface,  is an artwork.

Our main product – CONCRETE is a material with outstanding design capabilities, a 21st-century composite that perfectly fits into arrangements that are charming thanks to the simplicity and natural aesthetics.

The company’s philosophy is to focus on the smart choice of colors
and materials so that the design and landscape can best be combined. We approach every project with great care and attention to even the finest details.

We believe that it is important to create a space that relaxes, is functional and at the same time makes users feel safe. Our goal is to satisfy customers’ tastes and create solutions that will last decades.

We are convinced that every solution we design is not just a matter of substance it must also have a soul.


Our values

Years of experience

PEBEK Spółka Akcyjna has been active in the construction market for more than 40 years. We are a family company with Polish capital, and dynamic development gives us a growing position in the market. Over these years, we have expanded our knowledge and experience, which we put into every project we undertake.

Wide range of products

We have expanded our service and product portfolio throughout our operations. We are currently experts in the manufacture of concrete components for housing and road construction. With highly qualified staff, we are happy to take on uncommon projects and meet your specific needs.

Research Department

The last years of PEBEK business have been a dynamic development in concrete production and prefabrication. We have a highly qualified workforce, a plant laboratory, and a research and development department. Our employees are committed to using and developing the latest technologies in manufacturing and management.


The products offered are top-of-the-line solutions, which are the result of an innovative and contemporary approach to construction. Our company’s policy is focused on continuous development using modern solutions in the manufacturing and management processes.