Safety and elegance

The fence is an extremely important element in the home building and is primarily intended to enclose the premises. However, today, customers are increasingly looking for solutions that are durable, and elegant, but most importantly, allow for a little privacy.

PEBEK has a wide range of products in its range that easily fit the tastes of many customers. From modern, covered gardens to elegant open-air walls.


An essential element of space

Durable, functional, yet beautiful fences are essential elements of modern architecture. Not only do they fence the premises, but they also decorate the home space.

The specialists from PEBEK will make sure that your fence meets your expectations, please check out the details below.

The simple and classic shape makes it possible to customize it for both classic and modern designs!

Its unique but simple design makes it ideal for both urban and home projects!

The simple and classic form makes this a perfect complement to your garden in any home!


Our projects

Fences can be both practical and decorative. Here are some of the pictures from our projects that can inspire you in planning your own space.


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