Paving stones

Paving stones have been a permanent addition to the aesthetics of public spaces and home arrangements. They feature exceptional durability and functionality. They give plenty of design flexibility because they have a variety of shapes and colors. Paving stones introduce simple, classic solutions as well as creative, complex designs. PEBEK offers a wide range of paving blocks with a variety of surfaces and colors. This allows us to tailor the right solutions to the needs, of even the most demanding, customers.


Our paving stones

Durable and well-chosen paving stones add to the well-designed space. Whether it is a public space or a home garden – matching solutions to specific needs is key to success.

PEBEK specialists will make sure that the paving stones meet your needs. Please see the offer details below.

The unique trapezoid shape makes the paving stone ideal for creating exceptional surfaces! It is the perfect choice for garden paths, ellipses, arcs, or circles.

Elegant and unique. With its strong rounded edges and unique color combinations, the paving is perfect for a stylish and modern design!

Its textured surface, irregular shapes, and rich color palette make it perfect for decoration. Available in seven different formats!

Simplicity in form and quality make it ideal for classic designs as well as modernist urban arrangements!
A great choice for those who love smart, timeless solutions. Incredible colors, superior quality, and 13 different formats – the stone will meet even the most unusual demands!
The simple, classic shape and unusual surface make this a great choice for those looking for modern solutions!

The shape of the rectangle makes the stone unique! Ideal for modern decor!

A simple shape and larger format make it the perfect choice for larger projects (modern and classic)!

The straight design allows for classic, timeless surfaces. Ideal for large urban areas and smaller, home projects.

A stone that stands out for simplicity! Available in a choice of three different formats, it is a timeless shape and unusual color variations.
Its unique design and unique surface make it the perfect choice for those looking for bold solutions!
The simple but surprising slab format is perfect for creating modern spaces!
Classic form and timeless shape make it a stone that is perfect for both urban and private spaces!
The popularity of a stone in the shape of a honeycomb is on the rise! Especially well presented in alleys and garden paths surrounded by lush greenery!


Our projects

The paving stone offers a wide range of possibilities and gives you plenty of room for your design. Here are some of the images from our projects so you can see how beautiful scenes are created with them.


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