Street Furniture

Designing a public or home space cannot be done without decorative and functional elements. Stairways, palisades, seats, and sills are all combined with the right design to create a perfect space.

The PEBEK offers products that feature high quality and durability, so you can enjoy them for a long time, and they look like new!


Creative and versatile

If you are not sure what works best for your project or if you do not have a specific vision at all – think of our specialists! They will be happy to help you find the right solutions to meet your needs and expectations.

Simple and classic elements that are perfect for public spaces or private gardens! There is something for everyone!
Products that combine functionality and durability with a beautiful, elegant design! With a multitude of solutions, both classic and modern fans will find something for themselves!
With a variety of formats, shapes, and colors, you can choose solutions to meet your unique needs!
Functionality and durability combined with elegant, beautiful design and easy installation. Perfect for any project!
The unique but simple form of concrete elements allows for flexibility in creating public and garden spaces!
Versatile products that are light, classic, and simple to fit perfectly into modern building trends!


Our Projects

A well-designed space combines functional and decorative elements. Below are some of the images showing our projects to see how beautiful arrangements are created with the right choice of street furniture.


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