Concrete cleaning and protection agents

PEBEK ensures that the products you get can survive in perfect condition for years to come. This is the responsibility of two systems for surface protection like WRC1, WRC3, and WRC5. They protect products from everyday wear and environmental hazards. However, despite the security measures taken, it is important to ensure that the perfectly planned space remains in perfect condition for as long as possible.

That’s why PEBEK has a dedicated care line for our products, which will extend their durability even further.


A way to get rid of dirt and ensure durability

Oil grease, daily dirt, and even weather affect the appearance and durability of concrete preforms. Explore the concrete chemistry range below and choose the one that suits your needs.

Impregnat do betonu

Impregnate PEBEK Protection

This liquid protects against difficult dirt such as exhaust deposits, oil stains, and food.

Surfaces impregnated are resistant to atmospheric conditions and do not absorb water and oil. Additionally, it does not cause changes in the color and structure of the concrete. It is recommended for impregnating pavement tiles, concrete slabs, and paving stones. Suitable for use on all processed surfaces.

Its application is extremely simple! Simply apply a thin layer of impregnation using a spray, brush, or roller on the target surface. The result is satisfactory after just a few moments!

Bezbarwny lakier do betonu

Pebek Color Lacquer

An impregnating spray forms a coating on the surface of the component. Once the product has been applied to the colored surface, the colors become clearer, more detailed, and sharper. The additional effect is a clear gloss on the surface covered with the agent. Its application protects against water, oil, and other dirt. It allows the element to breathe, does not turn yellow, and is resistant to UV radiation

PEBEK – Dirt

Specialized agent for effective removal of carbonate chipping visible as white spots and stains. They are most often made on concrete paving stones, clinker bricks, modular concrete fences, and concrete cladding slabs.

It is recommended to use it to clean concrete surfaces before impregnation or painting. Just apply a brush to the target surface and wait approximately 5 minutes for the white areas to disappear.
Additionally, the agent is very effective in cleaning tools and construction machines from all residues of cement or lime-based mortars and adhesives.


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