Pebek laboratory

Our laboratory is primarily focused on ongoing production control. The laboratory does research to develop new technological solutions, improve existing solutions, and control current production materials. Through continuous control of our products, we believe that the goods delivered to our customers meet the highest quality standards. Our products are manufactured using certified materials from trusted suppliers offering certified products and quality assurance certificates.

That is why PEBEK has a dedicated chemistry line of cleaners and protective agents for its products, which will even further extend their durability.


Scope of laboratory testing

We are here to help you with technical advice, selection of concrete mixtures, consistency, and care. We believe that our expertise and experience in working with our customers guarantee solutions that meet the highest expectations both in terms of quality and durability of materials used in construction.

Concrete mix

• a slump test
• density determination
• air content test for the fresh concrete mixture (pressure method)

Hardened concrete

compression strength test
concrete density
investigation of the concrete water absorbability


• screen analysis