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Concrete is a material that offers outstanding design capabilities, so you can easily tailor solutions for your specific needs. It is ideal for modern construction, which values simplicity, natural aesthetics, and long-lasting durability. Concrete is a material composed of natural raw materials, resulting in natural variations in the tones and hues of the individual components, making each component unique. A wide range of available colors allows you to give it the color you want, without adding to the beautiful, natural tones.



The pebek company provides solutions for the design and production of structures for facilities based on the prefabrication technology of reinforced concrete elements, which include:

Prefabricated staircase elements are structural elements made in accordance with the architect’s requirements and in accordance with the geometry and reinforcement assumed in the design.

Balcony slabs are extremely important elements of residential buildings, exposed to changing weather conditions: temperature fluctuations, sunlight, precipitation.

Foundation footings are structural elements responsible for transferring loads from the structure to the ground.

Ground walls as elements of an intermediate foundation, most often used in industrial facilities.

Vertical structural elements (excluding partition walls, curtain walls and non-load-bearing walls), whose task is to transfer the self-weight loads and ceilings to the foundation.

Prefabricated reinforced concrete columns are structural elements whose task is to transfer loads from the structure of the facility to the foundations.

Roof girders are structural elements that transmit loads from the roof surface and transmit them as a concentrated force value to the columns or walls.



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