Safety and durability

Industrial construction products meet all required safety and quality standards. Classic, simple shapes and forms are ideal for both traditional and modern designs.

They are highly versatile, giving you plenty of arrangement and functional options.
PEBEK guarantees that the purchased prefabricated concrete products are durable and safe to use.


Superior quality

PEBEK ensures that the solutions offered can meet not only the technical requirements but also the tastes and needs of the customer. Please see the offer details below.

TeTe stone

The straight form of the stone is ideal for classic designs in public spaces.

Rectangle stone

It is durable and easy to lay! Ideal for modern, modernist spaces!


An irreplaceable component for road construction or parking lots, which is available in three different formats!


Three color variations and a straight shape allow the edge to be fitted to a specific design!

Curb paving stone

Simple shape, high construction quality, and easy to set up – ideal for public spaces.

Well plate (with hole)

It combines high quality, durability and functionality, so it will be perfect for projects in public space.

Well plate (without hole)

Available in five different formats, thanks to which we can easily adapt it to the needs of a specific project.

Concrete ring (with groove)

A high-quality product that is ideal for building artificial tanks, such as wells.

Concrete pipe

Durability and functionality make this product ideal for plumbing, rain, and drainage applications.

Road slab

Simple installation, long life, and load-resistant – this product will meet your needs.

Concrete and keramsite lintel

Long-lasting, durable, and quick to install, it saves time and money on construction!

WPS floor slab

It is ideal for the construction of floors that will be subject to heavy use loads!

Floor System Teriva

Ideal for use in single-family, semi-detached, and terraced houses.

Kostka wodoprzepuszczalna

Concrete blocks

Excellent quality ensures functionality, durability, and environmental performance!


Our Projects

Durable and functional products guarantee the creation of a durable structure. Below are some photos from our projects, so that you can see how perfectly the products from our offer combine the highest quality, safety and modern trends.


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