Ready-mix concrete

Our company offers inter alia ready-mix concrete, floor concrete, architectural, stabilizations and mortars. Concrete is manufactured according to EN 206 in strength classes C8/10 to C50/60.

We produce both custom and prescription concrete as indicated and as provided by the customer.
For concrete production, we use the highest quality raw materials and a properly designed compound that takes into account the exposure class – the aggressiveness of the environment in which the concrete will be used. These procedures ensure that concrete structures are built to last.

Our concrete is made in different consistency classes from S1 to S5, and we produce SCC-like concrete – self-thickened, allowing you to build structures where mixing equipment is difficult or impossible.

The company has a professional plant laboratory in which we are investigating the concrete we produce. If you have questions or concerns, you can count on technical and technological advice.


Our concrete-producing plants

Ready-Mix Concrete ŚWIDNICA

Technical Advisor
Mateusz Chołko

tel. 667731225 667 731 225
Sales Department
Genowefa Bałaj
Metalowców 14
Tel: 74 852 05 23 ext. 61 61

Ready-mix concrete - Jaszkowa Dolna - Klodzko

Technical Advisor
Rafał Ligocki
Tel: 570 990 916 570 990 916
Nyska 4, 57-300 Jaszkowa Dolna
Exit from road No. 46 Klodzko – Nysa

Ready-Mix Concrete - Nowy Jaworów

Technical Advisor
Jarosław Nawara

Tel: 604 205 204 604 205 204
58-140 Jaworzyna Śląska
Nowy Jaworów 1B

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