Concrete structures

Concrete structures

The uniqueness of concrete components is mainly based on different structures. Velvety smoothness, natural pitting, pores after stopped air, polished or rough surfaces, and non-slip structure, they are components that give concrete surfaces a specific character.


Basic colors, intense and saturated colors, are the base for paving stones and refined slabs. Versatile and timeless, ideal for public areas, road construction, and home arrangements.


A complete color range for exceptional paving. Shading effect – a natural color effect with the addition of refined grits as standard with the WRC1 protection. A wide range of colors and shapes provide perfect finished gardens, terraces, and public buildings.


It is the face of real concrete, contrasting colors from white to anthracite. Crude form, simplicity, and functionality provide outstanding functionality and aesthetics, the products in this group are suitable for all outdoor paving applications, allowing you to separate zones, and create any combination you want.


Retro style is a classic that looks unique both in the backyard garden and the alleys of the residence. A refined surface is subjected to a special process of breaking the edges without damaging the edges. Rustic appearance similar to natural stone, high color durability thanks to the use of professional, certified paints.


A unique, fine surface – the largest possible optical similarity to natural stone. A slightly rough finish resulting from the start process produces unique results on the paving surface. Thanks to the ability to use a variety of natural aggregates, we offer a wide range of colors.


The surface was created as a result of the mechanical processing of concrete using grinding techniques combined with the use of appropriate chemicals and specially selected aggregates. There are two main finishing trends: exposed aggregate and monolithic monolithic surfaces