How to lay the color-mix type paving stones well

How to lay the color-mix type paving stones well


It is very important that you make sure that the stones delivered for the building are in accordance with your order before you start to lay the paving. In addition, check that the stones have not been damaged during transportation or otherwise, as the right to claim is lost when the stones are placed with identifiable defects.


Remember, laying stones is not an easy task and requires experience and the right equipment, so choosing a professional paving company is a very important step in your investment. Only by correctly laying paving according to the rules of the construction will we guarantee a good surface from both a technical and a visual angle.


The paving stone is manufactured using natural raw materials. It should be borne in mind that production processes vary according to the product and the time of the year. Although the different batches of products are identical in shape and form (e.g., paving stones, curbstones, edges), they may differ in the color even within the same batch. These differences are due to maturing conditions, air humidity, temperature, and color of the raw materials used in production.


To minimize color differences in the color stones of the primary colors, especially for ”COLORMIX” products: Lay the surface by mixing products of at least three pallets, selecting stones vertically rather than from layers. Using the above laying principle, we will get the original color finish of the surface.